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Corporate Relocation Services

PMS Care Relocation Services in 20+ years experience has been served corporate relocation services to 500 companies across INDIA, providing unrivaled service and care to their relocating employees. We bring the same exacting standards to every business we serve our services, whether it’s a globe-spanning enterprise or a small, closely held hometown business.


A positive Corporate Relocation experience may be your new hire’s first real experience with how your company cares for its employees. And a trouble-free move means your new hire or transferred can hit the ground running.

Every team member of PMS Care Packers and Movers is thoroughly trained, bonded and insured. therefor every person involved in the moving operation is a direct employee of PMS Care Relocation Services.

Corporate Relocation Services in india

PMS Care Packers and Movers | PMS Care Relocation Services Pune head office in Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA. PMS Care Serves Corporate Relocation Services in all Cities of India like: – Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore | Kolkata | Delhi | Hyderabad | Faridabad | Noida | Guru-gram | Kochi | Lucknow | Patna | Chandigarh | Amritsar | Jamshedpur | etc.

Most importantly total control over every phase of the operation means that Merchants can ensure a quality experience from the first knock at the door to the unloading of the last moving box of corporate relocation to the destination handshake of farewell.

PMS Care every single employs specialized enterprise software to manage, therefor it easy to trucks and crews across the continent-spanning scope of our business, maximizing our range and efficiency time by time with Experience the real-time location of our assets in the field. Thanks to the close rein we keep on our resources, we can schedule with precision and don’t need to rely on “spread date” which saves you time as well as the cost and inconvenience of storage.

What truly sets us apart, though, is the personal attention and care we bring to every corporate move, making the transition just a little less burdensome for your company’s most important resource — your valuable employees.

We take the complexity out of moving your employees using our 20+ years experience and network of national and international partners. It starts when you Contact PMS Care, Our trained and experienced moving consultants will first take the time to understand your business.

PMS Care Relocation Services provide solutions that:

  • Establish Realistic Moving Budget
  • HR Workload Reduce
  • Help Establish or Modify, Monitor and Enforce Moving Policies
  • Provide Customized Reporting of shifting
  • Standardize Invoices
  • Quality Reports
  • Office Moving

From PMS Care Relocation Services experience in corporate relocation/ corporate packers and movers, most companies underestimate the amount of time it takes to plan and execute a successful office move. Sit down with a Cassidy’s professional to establish a timeline for your move. Some important subjects that need to be addressed are:


Before you move/shift, while take steps to be prepared. Believe us; this time will pay big dividends.

  • Obtain a blueprint of your new office space
  • Produce a floor plan of your current space
  • Making a proposed, to scale furniture orientation drawing
  • Identify and label the telephone/server room
  • Place PC and printers into your drawing
  • Look at potential future use when you are designing space and wiring
  • Place voice and data lines on your drawing
  • Identify voice and data jack locations on your drawing
  • Assign each work station and area a unique identification number
  • Get feedback and approval for the new design
  • Identify any access challenges or limitations (including times) for moving


Unless you have a small office, you are going to need help. Many organizations try to involve every person in the office in the move whether it’s as simple as packing and labeling their own work area to handling data backup and dealing with vendors. Many hands make light work! Some suggested teams are:

  • Communication Team
  • Server/Computer Team
  • Management Team


The biggest single thing that can be done to ensure that moving day goes smoothly and disrupts operations the least is careful attention to labeling. PMS Care Relocation Services | PMS Care Packers and Movers will provide the labels you need to do the job right. Each area and workstation should have a unique number that corresponds with an area and number on your new site plan.

  • All workstation items including bins and cartons must be labeled with a unique number
  • Pictures, white boards, plants, filing cabinets… must be labeled
  • All common area items must be labeled and number identified
  • Computer, printers, fax machines and other equipment must be labeled
  • All computer, network and telephone lines must be labeled and numbered
  • For large moves, color coding can be used to further help identify movements
  • Anything not moving should be clearly identified or segregated in a closet or separate room

4. CLEANING process of PMS Care

Corporate Relocation might be the only chance you will ever have to completely clean every surface in your business and PMS Care Relocation Services will help you. Take advantage of this. The day of packing is a good time to do this. Rather this is also the perfect time to take a hard look at the furniture and equipment you are using. Don’t pay to move it if it is not working for you. Before you move:

  • Determine what needs to be replaced
  • Cleaning all electronic items
  • Determine what needs to sold, donated or disposed
  • Clean all wall hangings and boards
  • Cleaning all kitchen items
  • Inventory existing equipment
  • Clean all furniture
  • Complete arrangements for replacement and disposal before moving day


As you progress with PMS Care Relocation | PMS Care Packers and Movers moving plans you will find that many details will pop up requiring your attention. Here are some tips we can suggest to help you deal with these:

  • Create a contact list that includes personnel and vendors and their responsibilities
  • Have spare cables, keyboards, mice and other small items on hand
  • Make sure PMS Care Relocation Services has a copy of the new site plan
  • Having a list of phone numbers (including 800 lines) and email addresses to test on moving day

6. Storage for Corporate Relocation

Some times Corporate companies require the services of a storage. Why take up expensive office space with rarely used items? Buying consumables in bulk is cheaper but where do you put it? Good used office furniture has little re-sale value but is expensive to replace. PMS Care Relocation Services | PMS Care Packers and Movers offers inside, temperature controlled storage designed to meet any office need & also online inventory control is also available.
Contact PMS Care Relocation Services to discuss how you save money & space storing, when you want Corporate relocation | Corporate Packers and Movers

  • You might save by storage
  • Recorded and Files are dated but must be retained
  • Library items replaced by electronic versions but must be retained
  • You moved from a larger space to a smaller space
  • Have furniture & equipment for future use
  • Need to unite items for a future project
  • Are consolidating or downsizing offices
  • Buy consumables in bulk
  • Print brochures, catalogs or other printed matter in bulk
  • You are building an inventory
  • Extra Services-PMS Care Relocation Services

PMS Care Offers

PMS Care Relocation Services | PMS Care Packers and Movers also offers a cut-above, VIP Best of Class- for those situations requiring extra special care and handling in corporate relocation. Besides that it’s a new C-level executive, because an employee who has suffered a recent hardship. Therefore that faithful employee who has already endured more than their fair share of moves. For those occasions when moving needs to be a truly worry-free experience, PMS Care Relocation Services management of the smallest detail and puts the smallest worry out of the picture.

With PMS Care Relocation Services handling your Corporate Relocation process, you can rest assured that your valued employees goods  will be in safe hands.

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Merchants Technology
  • Commercial Business Office Moving
corporate relocation

PMS Care Relocation Services

PMS Care Relocation Services are one of the largest Logistics and Packers and Movers companies in India having its Head Office in Pune. We have achieved the growth in terms of customer satisfactory services since our inception. Our determination and hard work has made us today the foremost and unparalleled service provider in the Packing and Moving industry. We are provide the best services for household shifting but also provide superlative services in corporate movers and automobile transportation shifting divisions wherever required. Our business conglomerate which has a diversified interest in, Packing and Moving (nationally as well as internationally), Warehousing, Household Packers and Movers, Supply Chain, Transportation of Cars, trucks & heavy machines from anywhere to anywhere all over India, ODC Transportation and other related activities.

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